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Ultra Care Corporation Technical Service is the key to preserving and caring your instruments.

At Ultracare Corporation we understand that quality instruments deserve a quality repair and therefore we adhere to the same strict standards during repair that we apply during instruments manufacture. This way we ensure that instruments can be used for the maximum length of time while retaining their precision and accuracy.

Ultracare Corporation Technical Service specialists are highly trained and we can often repair instruments that other companies have labeled beyond repair and aim to bring your old instruments back to “as new” condition. For example, surgical scissors are completely disassembled in order to allow them to be sharpened correctly. The screw and angle of the cutting edge are also adjusted—which is particularly important to obtain an effective and clean cut. When grinding we are careful, for instance, to remove as little material as possible to enhance the instrument life.

If you would like to learn more about our repairs and return terms and procedure you may view our FAQs Services section.

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